Kandam In Multiple Languages

Types of Nadi Available Here


This Kandam is Predict you the required general details in Nadi.

It covers 1 to 12 chapters


This Kandam is Predict you specialized and elaborate details almost all the details will available .

It covers 1 to 12 chapters


GNANA KANDAM,PRACHANAI KANDAM – This Kandam is Predict you the success in politics and political connections with all other details will be clearly available.






It covers 13 and 14 chapters.

13th chapter,’SHANTHI KANDAM’.This Kandam gives details of previous birth sins comiitted and the solutions for rid of effects.

14th chapter ‘DEEKSHAI KANDAM’.This kandam gives the details for performing’MANTHRA JABA POOJA’ to obtain “TALISMAN’ for avoid of enemies and other kind of troubles.

Detailed information of Kandams

Kandam 1 - General Report

This is  the prediction by giving a run through of the general biographic data of one i.e; name of the person, parents, siblings, spouse, children, profession,etc. and outlines the prediction about all the 12 houses in the horoscope of a person based on the planetary positions at the time of birth as mentioned in your Nadi leaf.

Kandam 2 - Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

Education,Fortune, Family Life will be discussed. This chapter also talks about the power of eye-sight and the ability to express through speech.

Kandam 3 - Siblings

Predicts the the number of brothers and sisters that one will have and address their relationship that they hold. The negative and positive aspects will be talked about.

Kandam 4 - Mother Influence, Possessions

The role and influence of Mother in their life , the benefits and issues that one might face will be addressed.Also speaks about the materialistic fortune such as house, vehicles, land and assets owned.

Kandam 5 - Progenies

Gives information about children in one’s life, their achievements, problems, your relationship with them,death and the remedial measures for any problems associated.

Kandam 6 - Disease, Debt and Enemies

The misery of financial hardships, pain from a serious medical condition, impdening dangers from enemies are one of the worst things to happen to one; Their causes, duration of suffering is predicted and certain remedial measures are suggested to help one through this.

Kandam 7 - Marriage Life

The mysteries that surround the marital life and experience the joy of being special to someone. Your marriage such period of marriage as to when it would happen, how long it will last, the compatibility factors, reasons for delay in in ones marriage, conflicts with spouse are all details mentioned in the chapter. 

Kandam 8 - Life Span

Life and death are the things that are common to every living being here. But we are lucky enough to know how does it happen? Questions about life span, longevity, dangers that could impose one to have a sudden death and these are answered here.

Kandam 9 - Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

It gives details about your father and your relationship with him, inheritance of wealth, property from your father and all the positives and negatives will be discussed.Any spiritual inclinations, information about temple visits, deeds of charity, that one has to do are revealed here.

Kandam 10 - Business and professional life

The chapter empowers you with information about jobs that you can pursue, businesses you will establish, and profits that these would bring, and predicts about all your encounters in profession life.

Kandam 11 - Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

This chapter is about change and moving ahead. The questions about positives and negatives that one gets from vehicles are answered.The goodness of life and remarriage can be understood through this chapter along with how it can affect your future life.

Kandam 12 - Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

This chapter talks about your expenditure of money and how and what you will spend on, the opportunity of travelling to a foreign nation and questions about what the future birth holds for you if you have one and explains about Moksha is attained in that

Kandam 13 - Shanthi Kandam

The chapter is about the sins that one committed in past birth, and suggests remedial measures to getting rid of the effects that intrude with your present life.

Kandam 14 - Deekshai Kandam

This focuses on spirituality. Chanting or Mantra Jepam, advice on wearing Raksha or Talisman to get rid of the problems and enemies and avoid the ill effects of sins

Kandam 15 - Aushadha Kandam

Chapter that emphasises on the medicines used for long standing or chronic diseases or illness and the methods to help deal with them.

Kandam 16 - Disabukthi Kandam

The chapter is about planetary positions, periods and sub periods along with the influences ones life and change in planetary positions that change with time and how it affects their life at that time.