Nadi Jothidam

It has been known as the anxious great ‘RISHIS’ and ‘SIDHDHAS’ (sages) has been written the predictions of all are written in anxious Tamil Language.‘Nadi astrology’ is entirely different from ‘Astrology’ By knowing your date and time of birth can cast the horoscope.But,Nadi Astrology has been written in the ‘PALM LEAF’ by sages approximately 3000 years before.

Each and everyone’s birth has been consider br Lord Siva depending upon thier previous birth sins and good deeds(KARMA) the conversation between Lord Siva and Parvati devi in”KAILASH” the conversation was about the birth given to all by them .We can clearly note that each and everyone’s Merit and demerit (Vertues and Sins) carried forward will determined the future of a person.

The main reason of the nadi is to know about your past,present and the future life.Especially the reason for all of yiur struggles ,obstacles,disappointments and confusion.Nadi will help you to lead a perfect ,desirable and successful Life .The ‘Karmic’ scores (Punya) are carried forward from one birth to another. the score is the cause of ‘KARMA ‘ that makes a person eligible for certain types of champion, Leaders, and Spiritual service Peoples and Masters.

Nadi will also reveal many things that are unknown to you. Marriage,Children,Business,What line of profession you should choose instead of going by the trail and error process.In Nadi Astrology only we have the solutions ‘Remedy Measures” to Overcome from all kind of problems and obstacles which are occur due to the effect of the previous birth sins and unfavorable planetary positions.

So,that we can predict an individual’s future most accurate ways by the science of Nadi Astrology with your interest of sending your thumb impression (Gents Right and Ladies Left